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“I have worked with a few practice management consultants to help us operate more efficiently, but The Legends Club with Dr. Tom Bilella has been the best practice consulting program I have ever seen. Dr. Tom completely gets ALL of the issues in any medical practice, from staff management to missed appointments to overall practice revenues and value which is not surprising since he implements these systems daily in his very successful nutrition/chiropractic practice.“

Christine Haas

M.S., L.D.N., C.N.S., C.P.T.
Licensed Nutritionist
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

“For years I’ve been trying to start a nutrition program with no luck. I didn’t have the time or the know-how. Then came Dr. Tom and the Legends Club who seamlessly implemented the new profit center. Now I’m generating income and helping patients in a way that I’ve never been able to in the past. The Legend Club provides everything, soup to nuts, including all the documentation and a breakdown of what needs to be covered with patients on each visit. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks so much Dr. Tom.”

Dr. Raj Gupta

“After completing the LE Training Program with Dr. Tom and staff, I feel more confident than ever. I have been given the right tools to not only practice, but also to apply new knowledge within my company’s medical weight loss program. I couldn’t ask for a more detailed, professional program to follow. I feel privileged to say that I am a part of the Legends Master Mind Club.”

Ashley Boccardo

“Dr. Tom, thank you for the great Discovery Day at your office. I came to your office hoping to give my office a kick start for 2016. We have a fantastic group of docs and staff but I thought some fresh ideas would spark our desires to heal the masses. I had no doubt taking a day off from my practice would be worth it but I quickly realized after a few minutes at your office I was going to take away some priceless practice pearls. Your utilization of an LE, BIA, and patient motivation techniques such as the ‘quiz’ are second to known. Do not hesitate! Go spend a day with Dr Tom. Get focused and implement the procedures that work for you!”

Dr. Mark Stagg

”Powerful, Inspiring, and Motivating are the 3 words that describe my Discovery Day at Nutrition Treatment Center. I am powered up to be more efficient, organized, and take action steps that will allow me to help many more people. I was impressed with the amount of successful flow and systems that just work. The office is filled with light fun, yet professional spirit and the staff is awesome. Dr. Tom was so generous to focus on what I need to do personally to get to the next level. I left the office with every question answered and felt excited for what is to come. Take the steps to do a discovery day, it’s a no brainer!”

Dr. Olivia Cashmore

“Legends Club has literally saved my practice this month. On October 1st, we converted to IDC10, our clearinghouse for insurance has problems and we were not able to send electronic bills for the past 3 weeks. Money has dried up from insurance and we were running on fumes. Fortunately, our Legends Club streams of income have produced $7,258 as of week ending 10/17 as tracked in our management by statistics program. This cash has kept my head above water. Without this, it would have been devastating.”

Dr. James Gaeta

“Very grateful for an extremely informative and helpful strategy session today. Attending Legends Master Mind Club live conference calls, strategy sessions and Discovery Day at Dr. Tom’s practice has laid a strong foundation for our practice. We are so thankful to have the support and guidance of Dr. Tom, his staff and the Legends Club community. Keep up the awesome work! Thank you!”

Dr. Miriam Rahav and Mary Rose

“I was looking at the end of the year this week and wanted to say thanks for the help. Product sales are up 24% and gross profit is up 17% and still climbing compared to last year!
Thank you for all your help!”

Dr. Matthew Sleppy

“The Legends Program has shown us what works and is filled with practical ‘how to’ information and office systems that are easy to implement. This program made me realize that I am on the right track, but I am not doing everything I need to in order to be successful and grow my practice. The Legends Program has guided me to save time and wasted energy by showing me what needs to be done to improve the growth of my practice at a much faster and efficient pace.
“Dr. Tom you are a great teacher with a lot of spirit and energy, thank you for putting together a program like this.”

Dr. Chris Lachowski

“I was looking over my year-end numbers and nutrition was less than 30% of my business for the year through September. In October (Joined Legends Club), November, and December each month has had a progressively higher percentage of Nutrition income. For December, I’ve brought in more Nutrition than Chiropractic for the first time and that’s with taking extra time off to be with my family! Thank you Dr. Tom, I’m seeing great results already!

Dr. Susan Plank
“You and your staff are incredible.”

“I will be able to help more patients become well, but I will also make more money doing so. It is obvious to me that having a systems approach to running a business is essential for success. Legends club and my Discovery Day have both provided me with templates for changes needed in my practice. Dr. Tom, I want to thank you for taking the time out of you busy schedule to welcome me so warmly to your office for my Discovery Day. After my day with you, I realize I can be a very effective doctor, as well as a successful business person.”

Dr. Christopher Bump

“I have been so happy about all of the new information we receive in the modules. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge, my practice, and my participation in our Legends Untied Mission. More than 16 years ago I became a nutrition client of Dr. Tom’s. I was impressed with his knowledge, skills, and his organization. While working with him, he suggested that I enroll in the Master’s Program at the University of Bridgeport. I think I told him he was cray as I had 3 small children and my own chiropractic practice. With his support and the support of my husband and family, I finished the program 5 years later. I have been working with Dr. Tom since then and I believe that I have evolved into a pretty good nutritionist. As Tom has built his coaching programs and then eventually his Legends Club program, I have seen the intensity of his commitment grow to his clients, how own family, his Legends Docs, and to his mission to help end the pharmaceutical drug era.
Thank you Dr. Tom.”

Dr. Trish Talerico, D.C.

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We’re ready to find hidden cash in your practice!

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